Professor Iva Strnadová (left) and Adjunct Lecturer Julie Loblinzk are championing inclusive research for people with intellectual disabilities. Photo: supplied.
My work is very much focused on contributing to bettering the lives of people living with a disability, says UNSW’s Professor Iva Strnadová. 
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The Disability Innovation Institute at UNSW (DIIU) is in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

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New research shows almost 20% of families caring for children with special needs were unable to buy essential medication during coronavirus.
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Haben Girma is a leading disability rights advocate and lawyer, and author.
A conversation between Harvard Law School’s first deafblind graduate and the world’s first blind newsreader covers everything from advocacy to finding friends and dancing.
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Human rights need to guide medical decision-making, law and bioethics experts say.
Human rights need to be protected during the coronavirus pandemic, leading academics say.
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Disability Innovation Institute at the University of NSW

Jackie Leach Scully

Professor of Bioethics and Director, Disability Innovation Institute UNSW

The COVID-19

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Around 20% of people in Australia have a disability which can cause additional problems during a crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic. Image from Shutterstock
The government has made several announcements to safeguard aged care residents and those in hospitals, but we're yet to see the same attention paid to the one in five Australians with a disability.
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The government is failing to keep up with demand for services for the most vulnerable to the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus. Credit: Shutterstock
A UNSW survey shows community services are already struggling with demand.
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Rosemary Kayess has been awarded the 2019 Human Rights Medal by the Australian Human Rights Commission. Rosemary is

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