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Are you interested in positively impacting the lives of people with disabilities?
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Professor Nigel Lovell, Dr Leonardo Silvestri and Professor Francois Ladouceur.
The researchers' vision is for direct communication between a wired brain and an external device, an achievement that could revolutionise health care, entertainment and the way humans interact with their environments.
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Rosemary Kayess, Interim Director, Disability Innovation Institute at UNSW
If it’s not informed in the right way, research can do as much damage as it does good.
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Professor Skye McDonald UNSW Science
Although it depends on how severe the damage is, it is often possible for people to re-learn skills and how to recognise emotions.
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Associate Professor Bingqin Li UNSW SPRC
In China, economic growth discourse has been strong. I am trying to argue that people’s wellbeing is also important.
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Professor Julian Trollor UNSW Faculty of Medicine
"We must ‘walk the walk’ by including people with disability as scholars and teachers in the University."
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Prof Tom Shakespeare and Dr Eduardo Benitez Sandoval robotics panel discussion members
Enormous opportunity for robotics to empower people with disability. Work needed to make these technologies accessible.
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Professor Catherine Bridge UNSW Faculty of Built Environment
Socially and culturally we create our built environments, but after we create them they shape what we can and can’t do.
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Researcher Binghao Li
“I am not just interested in doing research and publishing papers, I want to build useful things that help people."
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